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Shoes are important – girls’ shoes can be organza or satin, while boys can wear garbadine cotton or satin. Use a nice and clean satin scarf so that you can prevent your braids from rubbing against the bed or the pillow. In order to get those of you will have to scrub your braids vigorously. Also, you will not have to dedicate any extra time to care for your braids and twists. This measure will protect your braids from loosening and growing frizzy. It’s worth saying though, that this is only a temporary disctinction — the S2 and Note will soon be updated to ICS. We were impressed by the stills and video it managed to produce though, so it’s not worth writing the Nexus off completely on that front. The Galaxy S2 blew our tiny minds when it first arrived on the scene, thanks to a dual-core 1.2GHz processor that proved brilliant for apps, games and playing video. While other phones have grown bigger since, at the time we were blown away by the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, and dazzled by its 1.2GHz dual-core processor.

The screen was similarly amazing, liquifying our ocular bulbs with the brightness pumped out by its 4.3-inch Super Amoled Plus display. The 4.3-inch screen still makes a striking impression, and while some have complained that the case feels rather plasticky, we think the phone itself feels sturdy. In case you are not washing your hair,then make sure to use the bath cap while bathing. While all three of these phones are running Android, one of them is different. The other major strength of the Galaxy Nexus is that it’s running a vanilla version of Android, whereas the Note and S2 are both running a Samsung-tweaked edition of Android. For while the S2 and the Note are powered by version 2.3 of Google’s mobile operating system (also known as Gingerbread), the Galaxy Nexus is more advanced, and arrives running Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich. The benefit of using a version that Samsung hasn’t fiddled with is that when updates for Android arrive, you’ll get them quicker because you don’t have to wait for Samsung to squeeze its custom skin over that new version.

Also, the base material of such a wig, which is made of synthetic material, mens silk bonnet does not blend in with the natural skin and creates a ‘floating’ sensation over the head. Beauty is skin deep! Beauty in today’s modern times is how we tend to make ourselves happy. You can make repairs that are lighter than tape by using McNett Seam Grip. You can save more than half the weight of the cooking kit by leaving the plate and fry pan home. 26. Keep your sleeping bag in a large storage bag when it’s at home so it will retain its full loft and maximum efficiency. Use your skills to keep your bag dry. Always use a wide tooth comb to reduce the friction. By the time you get to comb your wet hair you will notice it can be impossible to get the knots out. The Samsung Galaxy S2 looks as good as it did when we first snatched it out of its box earlier in the year.

Slide your finger out the curl and quickly keep it with a bobby pin. If you are struggling with this finger wrapping technique or have mobility issues use a pen or an object that has the same shape as your finger. 33. A closed-cell foam pad is light and easy to use. Use goats beard — the stuff that’s attached to tree bark. Skipping to use the bath cap can give you some wet and dry hair and a look that is not neat. To tame bangs or unruly curls, use one or two bobby pins. Tapping one of those virtual buttons brings up a new multi-tasking menu, which stacks all the apps you’ve got running up the screen. Instead you control the Nexus using three on-screen buttons. Inside, the cabriolet has a very Volks­wagen feel to it with comfy seats and lots of buttons and panels. The exterior design was much more aggressive, while the interior was top-notch VW materials, lots of gadgets and an engine borrowed from none other than the Golf GTI. 3. Combination wigs Combination wigs have machine-made back and side portions, while the front and the top portions are hand-tied.